By Superintendent Doyle Fulkes June 30, 2015 Leaders are those who influence in our lives especially for the good of an individual or the good of society. Pastors are leaders in every sense of the word. Pastors lead people in all walks of life and communicate the most important issues of life; eternal; lifestyle; and motivation as well as purpose and meaning. I love leaders because they are the ones who are willing to give up their life for the good of another. Pastors often work for... + read more
By: Superintendent Doyle Fulkes March 1, 2015 Several years ago I had an experience that continues to impact my life. I was attending a service I was later scheduled to speak at in Jamaica. During the singing four little girls were sitting on the front row of the church talking and by no means were participating in the singing or the service. Suddenly the pastor stopped the service and demanded the girls stand up, sing, clap and participate in the service. He declared to them “... + read more
How to Let the Right People Speak into your Life
By: Superintendent Doyle Fulkes January 22, 2015 Leaders live in a world where information and ideas are at their fingertips. There are millions of books about leaders and what the characteristics of great leaders consist of in almost every situation. In fact, at almost any given moment, there are those who will give you their version of the best answer to your concern. As pastors it is always important to be in relationship with those who mentor or share advice. With a podcast and other... + read more
INTERGRITY by Superintendent Doyle Fulkes - Dec 2014    Integrity The last days of the year are the best time to take an evaluation. As I close out the year it is advantageous to check the things that keep us balanced in my relationship with God and in balance with life. The most important part to analyze is the integrity of my heart. Integrity is that quality of my life that is tied to my wholeness with God. There are three things that I want to keep in front of me... + read more
Most days I am fully cognizant of the benefits of being in a fellowship like the Assemblies of God. Three things stand out in the contrast between a fellowship and a denomination. Denomination emphasizes a top-driven organization where someone appoints or legislates the life of the organization. Fellowship leaves the impression we make decisions on consensus with the body as a whole.   Though there may be exceptions in the Assemblies of God, I have never been appointed to a church, or... + read more


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