Paul and Almira Boyer Scholarship


The Paul and Almira Boyer Scholarship has been created by the Southern Idaho District Presbytery from the proceeds of a gift from the Boyers. The Scholarship is intended to be a recruiting tool to help pastors and churches attract (and retain) talented young people to Idaho.
This is an after-graduate scholarship awarded after completion of a term of successful ministry in Idaho. The Scholarship may also be awarded to interns still enrolled in college.
The Scholarship is targeted at three types of applicants. Award amounts vary according to the type and circumstances of the applicant.

  • Up to $2400 for applicants who are involved in full-time ministry
  • Up to $1200 for applicants who are employed in the community and active in their local Assemblies of God
  • Up to $1000 for interns still enrolled in college who meet a need in a local church and receive ministry experience.


To apply for the Boyer Scholarship fill out the online application below.

Boyer Scholarship


Send the online recommendtion form to your Pastor and a lay ministry leader. If employed in secular work, submit a recommendtion from your supervisor.

Recommendation Form