Women's Ministries



Our Mission:

Team Thrive's goal is to see the women across our District join hands and grow together in Christ.  It is with YOU in mind. 
  • Each of us need a girlfriend!  We all need someone to laugh with, dream with, to have a confidant to share life with and to have a shoulder to cry on.  We need to be a community of
    women whose common ground is Jesus!
  • Don't go through life alone, GROW through life with friends!
  • God desires that we are constant with our walk with Him.  Highs and lows will make us waver, but we can THRIVE in a constant walk with God.  Why do we just try to survive from day to day,
    when we can THRIVE with Christ!
Surviving is for those who have no hope.  That's not us!  Not if we are God's children. We were meant to THRIVE!
To THRIVE, means to grow or develop vigorously; to flourish; to make steady progress; to be successful.  To grow strong and healthy, no looking back!
With that in mind, Team Thrive have decided to change the name of Southern Idaho Women's Ministries to THRIVE! Our prayer is that women in our churches will come together and rely on each other for prayer, support and   
building each other up!   It's time to THRIVE in life, not merely survive it!

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